Oleg Ulyansky

Oleg Ulyansky, Digital Director of AZIMUT Hotels Group
Oleg Ulyansky has 20+ years of multi-industrial experience of business development, media, marketing and sales in Israel and Russia
Oleg joined AZIMUT Hotels in 2016. He is responsible for e-commerce and digital marketing of the group in Russia and Europe including brand website sales.
In last 10 years Oleg managed marketing of RosBusinessConsulting online projects: LovePlanet.ru, QIP. Oleg was a co-founder of Tvidi.Ru - the largest children-focused portal in the Russian Internet, which offered a broad range of children-focused services and content – edutainment, virtual worlds, forums, chats, news, multimedia etc.created the largest children's Internet portal Tvidi.ru.
Oleg headed the Marketing Department of ROSNO insurance company, served as Vice-President of NASTA  the insurance company (Moscow).


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