Why Sponsor?

Become a Supporter or Partner of the Russia Hotel Upgrading & Development Forum to recognize effective ways to generate quality deals and leads for your organization by enhancing your profile in this dynamic region.

We target companies that give delegates the first hand knowledge and quality solutions to excel in their future endeavors.

We wish to create the same connection for our sponsors by ensuring that they reach their ideal audience and to make certain their involvement with the Event is most beneficial.

By being closely associated with the Russia Hotel Upgrading & Development Forum and becoming one of our exclusive partners you will:

  • Expand Your Network
    Meet new and existing clients from across 
    the East Africa and access the key decision
    -makers to gain a better understanding of their needs.
  • Generate New Leads
    With a focus on key stakeholders and the industry ‘who’s who’, find new potential 
    clients and increase deal-making opportunities.
  • Boost Market Exposure
    Promote your company and build brand credibility in the region with our exclusive marketing and branding opportunities.
  • Demonstrate Your Commitment
    Show your support and commitment to the technological advancement of the Russia region's hospitality sector.

  • Gain Competitive Edge
    With exclusivity and limited providers, take the lead in showcasing your technology and solutions.



  • Direct Mail
    Summit brochures are sent out to a targeted audience of leading industry professionals.
  • Telemarketing
    A dedicated team actively promotes the Summit by calling key industry players to ensure a high quality attendance.
  • Email Campaigns
    Regular email broadcasts are sent to our client database of over 20,000 industry professionals to notify them of the Summit and keep them informed with any updates.
  • Online and SEO Marketing
    A dedicated Summit website ensuring the most up-to- date information on the website is available for all viewers. The Summit is also featured on industry related web portals and news service.
  • Content Marketing and Press Releases
    Real time updates about the Summit are posted through social sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and on Blogs. Monthly press releases through online and print media are published for greater reach.

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